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e-ringsWhat is up with some women? When I got engaged, I was so shocked… so surprised, so OVERWHELMED that the guy I’ve been dating had decided that he wanted no one else but me, that I didn’t even know what the damn ring looked like. I was crying, hysterical, and probably appeared crazy to any on-lookers. I can’t even remember what he was saying. The world sounded muffled. Then, he put the ring on me and I just remember focusing on getting it past my gigantor knuckles that I STILL didn’t see what it looked like. The bar manager was taking pictures of us, all planned by my then-boyfriend. Finally, I woke up and realized, "Shit, I really need to fix my makeup for better post-engagement photos." I ran into the bathroom and STILL didn’t even note that shape, size, color, or weight that the ring was. I ran back out for photos and FINALLY, the girl who helped my then-boyfriend plan the most magnificent moment in my life at that time asked me to show her THE ring. I held out my hand and glanced at it while she rolled my hand around to inspect it. Even then, it was just a ring. The moment was more about the fact that he was going to be my husband.

It wasn’t another 10 minutes after that we got back into his car and he said to me, "I want you to know, that ring is yours. It’s completely paid for and we won’t owe anything on it. I wasn’t going to start this in debt." It was peculiar to me and then I held up my hands and looked at it for the first time. It was rather big. I never asked for any size, any shape, nor did I specify a weight and color. We didn’t talk about it. He went out and got what he wanted. To me, it was perfect. He knew that if he chose to finance a big rock, I’d be pretty upset. He knew that starting our life together in debt would probably be the dumbest thing ever and he was right. Some girls, though… seem to think about it differently… » » » »

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So if you’ve heard anything on the news, you know that Kevin Smith was asked to step off a Southwest flight due to his size, in otherwords, he was "too fat to fly".

There are a lot of skinny people out there chastising him on how HE was responsible and that he should lose weight. Agreed. However, isn’t that really easy to say since you’re a skinny person? What if I said, "people who are in financial debt should all cut up their credit cards and shut the hell up." Granted, I think that, but when those skinny people telling fat people to lose weight like it’s easy say that stuff, I want to make sure they realize that their criticisms are without understanding.

It’s easy for someone who makes a lot of money, who isn’t in debt to say "suck it up". Then those same skinny people don’t think the problem is that simple is it? or "people who need health-care funding should just… get healthy!" Wow, isn’t that an epiphany?

It’s always a simple problem and a simple solution to those who don’t need to put the work that gets to the simple solution. I could be non-compassionate and just bark to people who have been fiscally irresponsible, "well, you should have gotten a better job!" Isn’t that the same as barking to a fat person that they should have just stopped eating? or maybe I should tell the person who is homeless to "just get a house"

Now, it’s not so simple to criticize anymore is it?

Now, if you want to criticize him being lazy, choosing not to do anything about it, AND asking for concessions from everyone else, then kudos.

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Facebook outrage of the day:

"I can’t believe we’re sending so much money to Haiti when we’re in a financial crisis".

REALLY? Financial crisis? How about life crisis? Survival crisis?

Have you watched ANY news lately or were you too busy drinking your $5 non-fat, non-foam, mocha latte to realize that you have SO MUCH to give? You’re using FACEBOOK. They are eating mud.

Maybe the sound of functioning toilet flushes were too distracting for you to realize that some parts of the world don’t even know what a toilet is or what a hot meal is or even a COLD MEAL?

Maybe you’re so effing spoiled by entitlement that you can’t recognize that some people in this world have NOTHING over their heads right now.

Another on facebook asks why we didn’t do anything for 911 or Katrina? Uhhh… I don’t know about you, but I donated to those causes as well. I even got company match to do it. They say we care more about other countries than ourselves. REALLY? I can’t even argue with that stupid logic. We don’t have to do AS much to help ourselves – we’re one of the most self-sufficient nations. Our poverty-stricken can turn to some type of infrastructure to get ahold food at shelters. They can move in with relatives when tragedy strikes. So many in Haiti don’t have those resources available.

People ask why there weren’t telethons or big productions for 9/11 or Katrina re: Hope for Haiti, but didn’t ask if there was for the Asian Tsunami. So self-centered. There WERE telethons for all those causes. Don’t get your panties in a bunch because some people want to help the victims of tragedies in other parts of the world and you were too ignorant to help and realize that we did the same equally.

I ate food today. I enjoyed a coffee. I had a closet of clothing that I could browse and waste time standing in front of deciding what to wear. I turned on a light. I could get a PAPER CUT today without potentially getting gangrene or other infectious diseases. I could walk outside without corpses on every step of my path. Are some of us really that shallow and clueless? PLEASE. Tell me you’ve done SOMETHING to help. Give up one luxury to just help. I just wish I did more before the tragedy struck.

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Since the relaunch of the site, I’ve joined the masses and created a twitter account. So add me, cause I’m lonely and that’s sad. Also, Becca, plugged my wedding site the other day! I’m just happy to be able to share some of the fun wedding stuff I worked on this past year, so thanks Becca!

One of my favorites stores to shop is Bebe. I love their stuff and it’s nice because they don’t have any stores around where I live, so it is not often that other ladies are rockin’ my outfit. I get free shipping because I’ve spent over $1K there in the past year. I know, pathetic. With all of the holiday specials and my rewards, I ordered a pair of cute earrings for under $10 after discount!

I received them last Sunday, but when I opened the box, I was SO disappointed to find them like this:

Broken earrings from BEBE

One was broken! I fixed it because I make jewelry and had the tools, but I shouldn’t have to fix them myself. They typically have GREAT customer service, so I contacted them and told them that I was not happy they did not inspect the earrings before shipping them to me. The charge was made via internet so it’s not like I could get them to credit back the order in store… nor could I considering the closest one is back in my old neighborhood.

No response. NONE! They usually reply within a day. They did before when there was a shipping mix-up on the last order. When you’re at the store, you can get 10% off the purchase of an item if it’s defective or missing something, like a belt, etc. However, I never heard back. I won’t be able to go to the store until I make another trip east so this could be a slow process. The crappy part about ordering things online is if I send it back to get a replacement, I have to pay to ship it back. They do honor free return shipping when it’s a mistake they made, but I order things when I want them, not to send them back and get them later. Boo, strike for BEBE.

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I’ve been slaving away for awhile now making my wedding invitations. (Side note: here they are!) They were FINALLY done on Sunday so I went to the post office with my fiancé to get the exact postage labels placed on them. I had tested one box at another post office last week and it was $2.02 per invitation to send. [edit] The woman I went to at the post office told me to come in with all of the boxes.[/edit].

We came into the post office yesterday WAAAYYY before rush hour. It was dead. In fact, the two people working were just standing there chatting.

We brought 3 box loads of invitations plus a stack of international invites to be stamped and sent off to our wonderful guests. When we walked up to the window, I told the older gentleman that we need to ship these off today. He looked at me and said that I would need to put stamps on them.

?!?! Duh. » » » »

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04.10.2009 | Comments (3)

I am still putting all of my focus towards the wedding. During this phase, you do a lot of internet searches about… well, WEDDINGS.

I came across this one: http://www.gethildaandjodyhitched.com/ and literally got sick to my stomach. How appalling. How shameless. HAVE THEY NO PRIDE?

They’re asking for a handout, ’cause you know the starving children all over the world and the cancer researchers really don’t need your extra dollars. Her wedding, on the other hand, does. I also don’t need to pay my bills, so I should just go there to donate my life’s savings now.

If you can’t pay for your wedding and you don’t have other financial resources in your family, then head to the courthouse or wait until you save up. This is disgusting. If you really want to just get married and can’t wait or afford it, a marriage license will cost you less than $100.

I have a lot more I could say, but… I think this is pretty much self-explanatory.

[UPDATE] Well, she must have received a LOT of hate mail over this. She posted the link on theknot.com and received TONS of messages saying how ridiculous that was and then later locked her facebook group and locked the site. Here’s a cached screenshot anyway of her plea for help:

Click to enlarge

You know, in this day and age, it almost was expected that someone do this. People are gaining their 15 minutes of fame by exposing and exploiting themselves on the internet for money. I guess you could say I’m doing the same thing… except that I pay for my site and haven’t seen any income, haha. However, in an economic burnout like it is, I would think twice about advertising for wedding funds.

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I abhor the kind of posts that people put up after a hiatus (though my hiatus was rather unannounced or intentional). You know… the "I AM SOOOO BUSY. SORRY I HAVEN’T POSTED, BLAH BLAH BLAH, YADDA YADDA YADDA" I know you REALLY don’t care, especially new visitors. So in honor and in lieu of that traditional post, I am doing a quick update and a story.

I got my hands on some cute Coach stuff, but I’m selling it. If you’re interested (they’re brand new), here’s one and two.

[Update] I graduated with my Master’s in December and have been planning the wedding since which is why I have been MIA. I updated my wedding website, so please head on over there for the mush and gush. [/Update]

[Story] Our company is celebrating an anniversary. Another year of success. I stand there during a scheduled dog and pony, waiting anxiously for it to be over so that I can get my hands on the treat table, donuts and apple cider-can you blame me? I’m pretty proud, I think. I’ve been in the company for four years and it has since grown into something pretty amazing. They treat me well here, especially with treat tables like that. The band plays as I lean my body into the end of a walkway area.

All of the sudden, I feel hands on my waist. I’m confused as I realize I am at work. These hands drag me to the right as I try turning around. A strange man attached to those hands appears. I have no idea who he is.

"Why is he touching me?"

As he pulls me aside to get through, my jaw drops to the floor. My coworkers (my age) start laughing. I am dumbfounded. What the hell just happened? He walked by nonchalantly as if nothing happened and as if my obvious expression of shock wasn’t there.

I still don’t know what happened. All I know is that if it happened at a bar, I would have punched the guy and said, "NOT YOURS", but the shock of having something like that happen in a place where it should not even be a consideration… was just too much. My brain froze. My sassy mouth froze. I just stood there with my jaw on the ground.

It bothers me that I couldn’t react, so now I realize how sometimes, you just can’t react as fast as you want. Sometimes, things happen and you’re so engulfed by surprise that you own a moment of "uhhhhhhhh". Luckily, I wasn’t in any danger save maybe strange coworker behavior.

The next time we have a company celebration, I’m bringing mace. [/Story]

That’s my story. The End.

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10.16.2008 | Comments (4)

Superplug: Catherine, Snow_love, Teff

I don’t like to post about political issues. I’ll make an exception since the most interesting debate is on at the moment. Regardless of which candidate I vote for this year, I just want to clarify one thing.

McCain, I’m not sure which women in this country you’re consulting, because Palin sure as hell is not a role model of mine.

from CNN.com

I guess you could consider her a reformer since she doesn’t answer questions about, oooohhh I don’t know… the government (it must be a coincidence that the word “governor” is VERY similar to government though. Weird.) I mean the other politicians answer questions. Why does SHE have to? She doesn’t! She’s a reformer! She doesn’t read newspapers either. I’m ignoring the whole dinosaur comment because I cannot bring myself to believe that an educated female public figure would shame women everywhere with such a false conviction. I guess she’s a reformer in that winks can now be a politician’s platform. Ummm… and I suppose not pronouncing the “g” at the end of words such as goinG and avoiding all questions that were not rehearsed is reform.

I’m just saying. She’s not my role model.

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08.27.2008 | Comments (6)

Superplug: Catherine, Snow_love

[warning] I occassionally go on rants and most of you will not agree with me or call me insensitive and judgmental, fine. I’m not here for validation. [/warning]

Why is it that people are so much less self-responsible now? Or does it only seem that way because the few who b*tch about other people changing things b*tch so much that it sounds like more people are like that?

I used to LOVE KFC–trans fats and all. It tasted delicious. Then, they had to change the oil or recipe to remove the trans fats. Why? Because people were suing them for making them fat. Excuse me? Did the Kentucky Fried Chicken man drive you into his restaurant and shove the chicken thighs down your throat? I don’t think so. If he did, that’s how I’d want to be kidnapped. Chicken all day: I am salivating already…

Did he make you order the family-sized meal for YOURSELF? I don’t think so. If you, the awesome autonomous human being that you are, ordered that food and ate it knowing that eating more than 10 greasy-fried breasts, thighs (mmm, thighs are my favorite), and supersized fries with pounds of ketchup would make you overweight to say the least, then you are responsible for your own fatness (notice I say FATness, not PHATness). Not KFC. Don’t force KFC to take away that flavor that I, who can mostly be assured to stop eating if I am full, love. Sometimes I can’t… and I can deal with that. I won’t have guilt over that.

Smoke or Fat?
Smoke or Fat?
Taken from: Mahalo.com

» » » »

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01.16.2008 | Comments (12)

Superplug: Rina, Snow_love

[update] Pictures through December have FINALLY been uploaded [/update]

Bad luck or just bad timing? Not sure, but it’s only hump day and my life has consisted of the following:

  • Sunday
    • Took care of D and his food poisoning.
    • Came down with the stomach flu or good ol’ influenza :o(
      • Vomited
      • Suffered from body aches grrr!
      • Woke up every hour between 11PM and 5AM
  • Monday
    • Drove my sick ass into work
    • Went home at lunch because the fever was bad
    • Slept
    • Went to class to take a quiz
    • Got home at 10PM and suffered from more chills
  • Tuesday
    • Woke up feeling great :oD
    • Slid my car into a ditch a mile outside of work grrr!
    • Called 9-1-1
    • Waited a 1/2 hour for the nice cop to show up
    • Cop left
    • Cop came back
    • Cop left for other slide-offs
    • Waited 15 minutes for toe-truck to pull car out of ditch
    • Paid the nice man $95 to toe my car 20-25 feet
    • Worked
    • Left work at 6PM and car shook uncontrollably after reaching anything over 40MPH
    • Made appointment with mechanic for that evening while driving like THAT GUY going 50MPH with flashing emergency lights in slow lane O:o)
    • Got to 5 miles outside of mechanic and car stopped shaking even after 80MPH
    • Cancelled mechanic appointment
    • Sobbed. Not really :oP

Yep, I slid off the highway. I wasn’t hurt. In fact, I was fine. It took a half hour for a nice cop to show up at the site. Then it took another 15 minutes for the tow truck to drag me 20 feet and charge me $95. Thankfully, I am a responsible adult and save emergency money every paycheck for mishaps like these. At least the toe-truck man was nice. I don’t like paying not-nice people.

I was lucky. Since I leave for work so early in the morning, there aren’t as many vehicles on the road so I avoided hitting another car or semi. I was very lucky. Everything happened in slow-mo and no, my life did not flash before my eyes. I did see a white light… my headlights reflecting off the cloud of powdery white snow just before I shut my eyes and white-knuckled the steering wheel. Then in the middle of my car slow-mo sliding in a circle off-road, I told myself to open my eyes and to not be a silly dumb freaker-outer girl.

So I did. I opened my eyes and saw that the car was still turning and kicking up snow. I made sure my foot was off the accelerator and turned the wheel into the direction that my car spun and stopped my car from sliding even furthur into the ditch. Then I calmly looked to make sure nothing exploded and that my body was still attached to my neck, then to my head. Then, I grabbed my cell phone and had a nice conversation with the 9-1-1 dispatcher. Ok, so it wasn’t a nice conversation, but she had a friendly voice. She GPS’d my car after I told her my approximate location.

You know… after the apartment fire at D’s and how he went off-road… and then how I just slid off-road, it’s not so difficult to appreciate life. I didn’t freak out about any of those moments–maybe because I suffer from rational thinking. When accidents have happened in my past, time slows for that moment so that I can think through it and get myself out of it. It wasn’t an accident and I didn’t roll, but it could have been. Of course, after calling 9-1-1, I called D and appreciated that I could make that call. I am lucky and appreciative.

[[ I just thought about this--I take pictures of EVERYTHING, but I did not take pictures of my car sitting in the ditch. Hell, I had pictures of my shredded tire last year (about this time too--coincidence?). Now, I'm kicking myself. My view from the car was comical. Oh well. Just drive safe, kids. ]]

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